Just a quick observation.  I’m pretty new to meteorology as well.


So there are a few things you’ll need for this project.  For reference this is from Bob Ross’s show in Season 3 called “Night Light”.

1 inch
Large brush (like 2 inches
Fan Brush
Standard #10 painting knife


Canvas painted flat black (acrylic)
Alizarin Crimson
Phthalo Green
Cadmium Yellow
Titanium White
Magic White
Van Dyke Brown
Burnt Umber
Yellow Ochre
Paint Thinner
Sap Green
Whatever ever else you want because it’s your own damn painting.
(Unless otherwise noted, all the paints are oils)

Paint thinner
Plastic container for paint thinner to clean your brushes
A large roll of paper towels
Newspaper to lay down on the table
A sink to clean your brushes

Pick a nice open area that’s well ventilated to paint because oil paint smells bad.

Lastly choose a canvas to use.  We used 16x20 and had tons of paint left over.  You can buy those little 37ml of every color and be fine for a couple people to do it probably.  Just get a larger tube of black acrylic for the canvas.  Paint your canvas with the black acrylic and you’ll be ready to follow along with the episode.

More info in the next post about what we learned after painting the first time and some of the things that we figured out.


I like what I see so far, this’ll be fun.